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राजेश एस. गोखले

Research Interest:

The Interface of Immune and Metabolic responses in Tuberculosis & Vitiligo

Summary of Research:

The thematic focus of our laboratory is to elucidate complex interplay between metabolic reprogramming and immunity in the context a pathogenic disease Tuberculosis and autoimmune skin disorder Vitiligo. Our endeavor is to define how metabolic imbalance drives disease pathogenesis and thereby develop novel therapeutic strategies that will tackle the underlying causes, rather than just the symptoms.

Group Members:
Sachin Sharma, Anusha Krishnan, Farina Sultan, KriteeMehdiratta, Jyotsna Singh

• Sun Pharma Research Award (2014) – Medical Sciences, Basic Research Award
• IIT Bombay Distinguished Alumnus Award (2014)
• Infosys Prize in Life Sciences (2013)
• National Bioscience Award for Career Development, India (2009)
• Tata Innovative Fellowships, DBT, India (2007).
• Shanti SwaroopBhatnagar Prize in Biological Sciences, India (2006).
• Scopus Young Scientist Award, Elsevier India (2006).
• Swarnajayanti Fellowships, Department of Science and Technology, India (2006- 2011)
• Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) International Research Scholar, USA (2005 – 2010)
• B.M. Birla Science Prize in Biology (2003).
• Wellcome Trust International SRF India,Wellcome Trust, UK. (2001-2006).
• Senior Research Fellowship (1992-1995), CSIR, India.
• Junior Research Fellowship (1990-1992), CSIR, India.
• Department of Biotechnology Fellowship (1988-1990), India.

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