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Mass Spectrometer

Mass Spectrometer

Mass Spectrometer 

The Centralized Mass Spec Facility (CMSF) of NII provides support and services for protein identification and characterization. Core activities include identification of proteins and determination of post -translational modification using state of art mass spectrometry. Following are the major equipment at the CMSF (Thermo LTQ LC-MS/MS,MALDI-TOF/TOF):

1. Mass Spectrometers: Thermo LTQ ORBITRAP VELOS and AB SCIEX MALDI-TOF/TOF-4800

2. HPLC: Proxeon EASY nano-LC 1200

3. MS Data Analysis Softwares: Proteome Discover 2.2, GPS Explorer 3.6, Progenesis, Byonic

Thermo LTQ ORBITRAP VELOS: NII had procured Thermo LTQ Velos HR-MS with Proxeon nano-LC in the year 2010 and the installation was completed by March 2011. Once the machine become functional, operating demo and introductory training of Orbitrap with proxeon nano-LC was provided to NII research scholars from different labs. For data acquisition of various labs are using Orbitrap with nano-LC. Routine calibration and maintenance for instrument is done. The instrument is mostly used for both the qualitative and quantitative proteomics as well as identification of post-translational modifications and analysis is done using thermo proteomic discoverer software. Various methods are under development to increase proteome coverage and machine sensitivity.

MALDI TOF/TOF 4800: 4800-MALDI TOF/TOF is the most extensively used machine in CMSF for routine analysis of the samples of various labs. The instrument is used for identification of intact proteins, peptides, Peptide Mass Finger printing of proteins and also for MS/MS analysis. The instrument is also used to check the mass accuracy of peptides and proteins. Instrument is used for data acquisition and data analysis of proteins and peptides for various labs at NII.

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